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Use bleach, caustics, pre-treat, damage the surface, pressure wash, waste water, waste labor, or hurt the environment

No Caustics (bleach) were used to clean this area. Traditional “soft wash” systems use a bleach-type product as their active ingredient. Interestingly, “soft wash” refers to not using high psi pressure washing. More aptly, those systems should be “Highly Caustic Chemicals that are Dangerous to Humans and the Environment, Delivered at Low Pressure.” The main ingredient in bleach is chlorine, a potent oxidizing agent that can react with other chemicals in the water to form toxic compounds, such as chloroform and trihalomethanes. These compounds cause cancer and other health problems in humans and animals. In addition, producing bleach requires large amounts of energy and releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, contributing to climate change. The bleach manufacturing process also generates waste materials that are hazardous to the environment. Bleach should only be used in closed-looped systems that handle caustics; wastewater systems are not designed for bleach.

We did not Pre-Spray the Area. Citra-Shield requires no prep work other than a light misting of the surrounding foliage. On the other hand, a caustic base system requires saturation of the entire structure and drenching all plants, grass, trees, bushes, and flowers anywhere near the application. The setup for Bleach-Based Soft Washing requires vast amounts of water to protect everything that the chemicals will destroy. Add the pre-spray labor and fresh water to the cost of all soft-wash bleach-based jobs.

We did not Post-Spray the Area. Soft wash bleach systems are sprayed on, then the caustic dwells on the surface for 15-20 minutes. This time-sensitive process must be washed away by soaking it in vast amounts of water. If you leave the bleach on too long, it will seep into and under areas and destroy everything it touches. Bleach will destroy shingles, tiles, and the nails that hold your roof in place; that is what caustics do. Citra-Shield is the epitome of spraying and walking away. There is zero post work to be done with an environmentally friendly product like Citra-Shield. We want our product to remain on the surface, and the formula was designed with superior wetting agents that leave our active ingredients in suspension. They adhere to the treated areas and deep dive into the surface. A caustic-based chemical system attacks the top layer, then must be removed via hosing down with water. If caustics are not removed and remain on the surface, they will destroy everything they are in contact with. Citra-Shield is neutral and stays on and in the shell. On the surface, we work with the morning dew, rain, sun, and wind to emulsify mold, algae, fungi, and deeply embedded dirt stains, bringing them to the surface to be washed away naturally. Be sure to add water and labor costs to any bleach-based systems.

We did not capture the runoff water. Every municipality mandates that dirty and chemically treated runoff water be charged and disposed of. Ensuring we responsibly dispose of harmful chemicals and contaminated water is everyone’s duty as citizens and the law. Citra-Shield is just over neutral pH at delivery and never needs to be physically washed away. The product is designed to remain in suspension as long as possible, stay on the surface, and dive into the pores. There is no post-application washdown. Spray on Citra-Shield and walk away. Our natural environment of dew, rain, sun, and wind will do all the hard work. Citra-Shield is good for the ecosystem; we set the stains caused by mold, mildew, pollen, and fungi free; they wash away. Citra-Shield hangs around, under the surface, preventing new growths from occurring. If you do not capture caustics, you are damaging the environment. Add the cost of capturing bleach and disposal to all caustic-based activities.

We did not pick and choose where to spray. With caustic bleach-based systems, you must be extremely careful about where you spray. Being a caustic, soft wash system will damage all but the most impermeable surfaces. Never apply bleach to painted surfaces, non-painted surfaces, vinyl, plastic, rubber, latex, or anything but the roof tiles. Citra-Shield is a 100% open application on the entire structure and property. Absent the flower beds, lawn, and bushes (which need not be cleaned), apply Citra-Shield to all outdoor surfaces, then walk away. To answer our many questions, “Yes,” you can use Citra-Shield there, concrete, wood, vinyl, plastics, rubber, acrylics, latex, metal, painted, unpainted, name a surface, you can put Citra-Shield on it. Other systems require multiple chemicals and systems to achieve what Citra-Shields Universal-Application does with one treatment.

We did not use much water. Soft and Pressure Washing use about the same amount of water, which is a lot! Those systems require almost two hundred gallons of fresh water to treat 1,000 square feet of the surface. Citra-Shield requires less than 5% of that amount.

Citra-Shield is a disruptive formulation that replaces traditional caustic-based systems (soft wash) and pressure washing—used and endorsed by Disney, Busch Gardens, VA Hospital Systems, Six Flags, 10,000s of HOAs, Water Parks, Stadiums, Universities, US Embassy’s, Municipalities, Federal Government Facilities, Retail, and DIY Homeowners. An exciting notation, every one of Citra-Shield users used to either pressure or soft wash. They have moved to cutting-edge technology, improved appearances, decreased their environmental footprint, and reduced overall costs.

Use Citra-Shield on Stone, Stucco, Tile, Terracotta, Asphalt, Concrete, Pavers, Brick, Mortar, Vinyl, Plastic, Resin, Fabric, Latex, Wood, Fiberglass, and Metal, with no pre-treat, no post cleanup.

Apply Citra-Shield to Commercial Roofs, Residential Roofs, Gutters, Walls, Doors, Floors, Sidewalks, Siding, Pool Decks, Patio Furniture, Boats, Signs, Storage Tanks, Trailers, Canopy Entrances, Docks, and Monuments, then walk away. One application, then walk away and let the sun, wind, morning dew, and rain do the rest of the work.

We are expanding our limited distribution footprint and adding Certified Applicators. Call us if your facility seeks an environmentally safe system to keep the exterior looking new while reducing costs. If your distributorship is looking to expand its market share by offering true innovation and value to your customers, give us a call. We are ready to assist if your cleaning business wants to increase your bottom line. Do something good for your business today; contact Citra-Shield.