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"As the building manager of the Madrid Club in Naples, FL, I would like to thank Citra-Shield for the tremendous transformation of our brick pavers, benches and sidewalks. For years we have pressure washed our parking lot pavers, seawall pavers and all our walkways, and sure - it worked, it got the job done. However, within a few weeks the algae and mildew would grow back time and time again. It was a never-ending process. Pressure cleaning only led to more problems with loose pavers after having blasted all the sand out from around them and leaving the need to re-secure and re-level them. Citra-Shield literally took years of age off the look of the parking lot pavers, our seawall walkway, our concrete benches, and our sidewalks without pressure cleaning. I would confidently attach my name to any referral, and highly recommend Citra-Shield for your mold, mildew and algae solutions."

Kari Swartwout
Madrid Club CAM

"Citra-Shield was summoned to clean the awning structures at the soccer and softball complexes here at the North Collier Regional Park. The job consisted of cleaning 5 bleacher structures surrounding the softball fields, 4 large pavilion coverings at soccer, and 5 pavilion coverings at the softball complex. All structures needing aerial type cleaning equipment to execute the work. It had been over 5 years since opening the facility here at NCRP and the shade structures were definitely in need of cleaning. They were covered with mold, mildew and fungus. The materials, equipment and resources used to complete the job were extraordinary. After the conclusion of the project, I and all that work and play here at the North Collier Regional Park were amazed at the difference. The bleachers look brand new, and since doing them we have gotten numerous comments from park users on how nice the park looks now that they have been cleaned. The mold, mildew, dirt etc. is gone and with hope will not return soon. I recommend Citra-Shield to anyone without reservation."

Ed Torroni
Collier Parks & Recreation

"Thank you for all the training and support in our Tri-state market around Philadelphia, New Jersey and Maryland. Your Citra-Shield product has given us an eco-friendly alternative to offer our customer base. I must say we were skeptical at first but given time we are amazed how well you Citra-Shield program works. We now have annual customers on your suggested maintenance program and the properties stay clean all year. Simple, cost effective, saves labor. We at C&J Environmental are happy to endorse your products and look forward to working together in the future."

Charles F. Geib

“It is without hesitation I write this letter on behalf of Joe Macomber and Citra-Shield. After several failed attempts with other contractors to clean the roofs and domes of our high school, Mr. Macomber came and assured me Citra-Shield could clean these places. Citra-Shield exceeded all expectations we had of possibly getting these roofs and domes cleaned. The contractors were courteous, professional and very efficient. Our School District now has a white dome and roof that we can be proud of. Citra-Shield is a high quality company that produces high quality results.”

Greg Layfield
Gulf County Schools

"Thank you for introducing your Citra-Shield biological cleaning products to our town sexton and the overseers of our cemeteries. We started applying Citra-Shield to our headstones, monuments and ornate statues in our cemeteries in August of 2019. We were amazed at the results. Our stones have never looked so good. Stones that date back to the 1800’s, look like new! The effortless application has allowed us to treat all of our cemeteries in a months time. We are so happy with the results of Citra-Shield. We love your product and will continue to use your product in the future. I will absolutely recommend Citra-Shield to our peers."

Debbie Southiere
Manchester Town Clerk

"Citra-Shield has been providing exterior surface cleaning products & services for Naples Community Hospital for the past four years. We currently have a three year contract to continue with their services on our buildings at both campuses in the Naples Florida area. We have found Joe and Citra-Shield to be dedicated to servicing our needs on a regular basis and in emergency situations. The Citra-Shield staff is courteous and professional. We are pleased to have the Citra-Shield as a quality vendor and look forward to a long working relationship with them."

Doug Archie
NCH Healthcare System

"Congratulations on receiving a contract to clean Park Shore Towers, which we understand to be clad in part with a Dryvit Outsulation System. Please be advised that the Dryvit warranty that exists on this project will not be affected by the use of Citra-Shield Cleaning Products as manufactured by your company, and tested by us on our facility in Rhode Island. Our Experience was that this product, used as directed and in accordance with Dryvit publication DS 498 (recommendations for periodic cleaning of Dryvit finishes and coatings) was effective in removing dirt as well as living organisms from the Dryvit finish. Thanks again for your inquiry, and please do not hesitate to ask if you need anything further."

Tony Stall
V.P. Marketing & Sustainability

"We have finished the testing the Citra-Shield Cleaner. After discussing the
 results with John Scott we decided to approve it for use. 
We would request that it be completely rinsed after cleaning. 
If it will be misted on the membrane after cleaning to prevent future
growth it must be diluted per the manufacture specifications."

Mark Ouellette
R&D Analyst, Duro-Last Roofing

“The proper use of Citra-Shield® Roof Cleaning Systems will not void Seaman’s FiberTite® manufacturer’s warranty.”

Jonathan C. Pierson
FiberTite Technical Services

"Citra-Shield Cleaning Systems are a suitable way to clean and keep clean all of our roofing systems. Preventing biological growth from affecting the roof surface is a good way to prolong the life of your roof."

Taylor Wicks
Carlisle Syntec

2001 Has received before and after photos of the roof being cleaned with Citra-Shield and the results are very good. The use of Citra-Shield will not affect your roof warranty. Cleaning the roof is good maintenance and will prolong the life of your roof."

Kim Sheldon
Warranty Administrator, 2001 Company

"Firestone R&D reports that Citra-Shield is ok to be in contact with Firestone EPDM membrane, provided that it is applied per manufactures recommendations."

Michale Smith
Building Systems Advisor

"While in storage the deck and hull of my boat had become covered in green algae. I applied Citra-Shield to the affected areas and the results were amazing. The hull and deck of my boat look like new. Citra-Shield saved me hours of scrubbing and cleaning."

Conrad Jacobowski
Harbour Cove Club

Please allow this letter to confirm the use of Citra Shield cleaner on GAF roof membranes should be acceptable as long as it is properly diluted per the manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Traci Hicks
Sr. Design Services Technical Specialist
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