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Retail Cart Disinfectant

We have noticed that many grocery chains are working diligently to keep their grocery carts clean. The stores that we have visited have an employee(s) wiping the carts as they are brought back into the store. While these measures are not going un-noticed we have to question whether the carts are actually disinfected. Many disinfecting products require a contact time of at least 5-10 minutes. Meaning, that after application, the product must be in contact with the affected surface for a certain period of time. Wiping cart handles with disinfecting wipes is certainly better than nothing, but more than often this just removes some of the germs and grime from the surface. This is something to consider as we navigate through this difficult time. As a team we have been working on a disinfecting system to properly treat retail carts after they have been used. This cart wash system can be used several different ways to achieve 100% cart saturation and coverage. Our EPA approved disinfectant stays in contact with the surface for 5 minutes, if the cart is not dried in that time it can be wiped down and put back into service. We understand that this is a time consuming process but a necessary one. To learn more about how this cart cleaning system works please reach out to our team any time. For a brief overview of our retail cart cleaning system watch this short video.