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Monument Cleaning: No Harsh Chemicals

C&J Environmental uses Citra-Shield

Monuments are often landmarks for schools, churches, cemeteries and government buildings around the world. With constant exposure to biological elements these stone structures quickly become stained with algae, mildew, moss and fungus giving these beautiful pieces of art a dirty appearance. In the past cleaning Marble and Granite Monuments was a time consuming process that included vigorous scrubbing, pressure washing (which can be damaging) and the use of strong acids and lyes. Citra-Shield allows companies to safely remove biological stains without the use of any of the above.

C&J Environmental is a Philadelphia based company that was searching for a product that would effectively clean monuments around the city of brotherly love. Having used our cleaning products in the past they began treating monuments with Citra-Shield and achieved incredible results. No only did C&J bring this monument back to life, they also saved an incredible amount of time and labor by choosing to clean this monument with Citra-Shield.

As you can see after one application of Citra-Shield this monument took on a whole new life. But, the question that often arises is how long does it take? and that all depends on the type of biological growth on the monument. We have seen green stains removed in 1-3 days, where as black stains tend to take much longer. Please refer to our time & stain variable chart for more information. Remember that these stains did not appear overnight and to clean them an environmentally friendly way will take time to remove them. What is the benefit of using Citra-Shield to clean monuments? There are many benefits to using our products to safely clean monuments and statutes. Time is valuable no matter what business you are in and using Citra-Shield to clean biological growth saves you a lot of time. Simply saturate with monument or statue you wish to clean, let it dry and you are done. The product will immediately begin cleaning and will continue to do so for months to follow. Water consumption is growing concern around the world and since there is no need to pressure wash or rinse after an application of Citra-Shield, we are saving water. Harsh chemicals, such as chlorine, can leech into the ground and contaminate the area surrounding the Monuments or Statues. It can also rust out fasteners and other metals that may be present. Citra-Shield does not contain any harsh chemicals and will not leech into the soils. This is why we are approved by major building manufacturers. We would like to thank C&J Environmental for choosing Citra-Shield to safely clean monuments around the Philadelphia area. For more information please reach out to us at 800-622-1032.