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Luxury RV Park & Marina Cleaning

Everglades Isle Luxury Motorcoach Retreat is an amazing facility tucked into the Florida Everglades. The warm and humid climate where this property sits is an ideal environment for biological growth. The well known lighthouse that is a beacon of the property was plagued with unsightly Black Algae. In addition the nearly half mile of concrete waterfront boat docks had also become invested with mildew and algae which created a slippery and unsafe landing for guests. Our Citra-Shield team visited Everglades Isle in August to meet with the property manager and do several test areas. Like many property owners, he was skeptical of a green product being able to treat these areas. After seeing the test areas become clean with in days of treatment, Citra-Shield was awarded the contract to treat the whole facility. Several weeks later our team of trained applicators efficiently treated the docks and lighthouse with our algae control products. We recently received images of the facility and are amazed how well Citra-Shield is working at Everglade Isle. 

By choosing Citra-Shield, Everglade Isle reduce the water consumption needed to pressure wash this facility. They also eliminated the risk of damaging the structure with high volume pressure cleaning. In the future this facility will stay ahead of biological growth by treating their exterior surfaces with a maintenance application of our product. This process will not only save the property owners $$, it will also keep their facility clean for years to come. Thank you Everglade Isle for choosing Citra-Shield to safely keep your property clean.