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How To Clean Headstones & Monuments

Headstones and Monuments can quickly become covered in Algae, Moss, Mildew and Fungus. Since cemeteries are in grassy and often times wooded areas, biological growth on headstones is prevalent. The cost of monuments and headstones is quite significant and keeping them clean used to be a time consuming & costly exercise. Prior to new cleaning technology, headstone, monuments and mausoleums had to be cleaned by scrubbing, grinding and polishing. Not anymore. 

Safely clean & remove biological growth from gravestones and monuments with Citra-Shield Cleaning Products. No scrubbing or harsh chemicals needed to bring stone grave markers back to life. These pictures were just sent to us from a customer in Florida who treated this grave marker roughly 3 months ago. As you can see in the picture, this gravestone was covered in Black Algae, which is common in humid climates. Citra-Shield Ready To Use was applied to the gravesite with a garden pump sprayer and allowed to dry on the surface. The rain, sprinklers and morning dew reactivated the Citra-Shield and left this gravestone looking like new. If you are looking for a simple and cost effective way to keep your cemetery stones and landscape surrounds looking fresh, consider using Citra-Shield.

Step 1 – Simply pour Citra-Shield Ready To Use into a garden pump sprayer or hand sprayer. 

Step 2- Apply Citra-Shield to headstone, gravestone or monument affected with biological growth (moss, algae, fungus). You may notice that the stones become tea colored, this is an indicator that Citra-Shield is beginning to treat the biological growth.

Step 3- Allow product to dry on the surface. Make sure there is not any rain in the forecast for at least 4 hours after application. 

Step 4 – Once dry, Citra-Shield will continued to clean headstones for months to come. The treated surface will become clean and free of biological growth. 

Step 5- To keep headstones and monuments clean, re-apply Citra-Shield every 6 months to prevent biological growth from returning. 

Clean your gravestones and monuments today with Citra-Shield and have your Cemetery looking like new for the Fourth of July. For more information please contact us