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Flat Surface Cleaning: Pavers

We have been developing a better way to clean flat surfaces for several years. After tweaking pumps, spray heads and product flow we are excited to show you how efficiently you can treat pavers, sidewalks, roadways and more with our new surface applicators. Our flat surface cleaners run off an electric or gas pump and can are easily towed behind a golf cart, lawn mower or other ATV of your choice. They can also be hand towed for narrower areas that restrict vehicle access. The aluminum cart is complete with a 100 gallon product tank, adjustable arms, brush guards, as well as a hose reel with 150′ of hose for treating curbs, stoppers, vertical surfaces and more. 

The Citra-Shield Flat Surface Applicators are saving contractors thousands of dollars in labor as well as thousands of gallons of water. Recently we had a team of 4 trained applicators treat 1.4 million feet of pavers, sidewalks and bridges in a Naples, FL golf community. Many of the pavers were covered in black algae, planters and entrance signs were green from algae and the sidewalks were stained from biological growth. This overwhelming project took the team 5 days to complete. Upon completion the treated areas are already becoming clean. No high pressure or harsh chemicals were used to treat this massive project. For more information about or green cleaning systems and flat surface applicators please call us at 800-622-1032.