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Disinfect Golf Carts

We are selling EPA registered disinfectant to golf courses and communities so they can properly disinfect golf carts in a timely manner. At the moment many Golf Courses are have remained open but are limiting guests to one person per cart. This allows golfers to practice social distancing while still enjoying the sport of golf. However this begs the question are the carts really disinfected? We understand that the staff at these courses are hyper active in wiping golf carts with disinfecting wipes and other products. However, like mentioned in previous posts, unless these disinfecting cleaners are left visibly wet for a contact time of 4-6 minutes, they are not treating the affected areas. Now let’s discuss the cost.  If a OTC disinfecting wipe costs roughly .09 cents and you need at least 10 wipes to properly disinfect, you are spending .90 cents per cart. We suggest that you consider treating your cart with our EPA Registered Disinfectants (FINAL RINSE or ONE STEP DISINFECT). These products treat up to 250 SQFT per diluted gallon allowing golf courses to get complete coverage and properly disinfect the entire golf cart for less than .10 cents per cart. Contact us today and learn more about these incredible products.