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Clean & Disinfect: COVID 19

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Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces are two different things. After learning that the active ingredient in Citra-Shield was listed as a fighting agent against viral pathogens, we have been disinfecting numerous outdoor surfaces. Pool furniture, handrails, table tops and other items that are getting touched daily are the areas of concern. While we are still learning more about COVID 19, we are actively applying our products to exterior hard surfaces to disinfect and prevent spreading. What is the difference between cleaning and disinfecting ? the CDC has a good cleaning article to read with more information, however the cliff note version is this.

Cleaning removes dirt and debris from the surface. It does not kill bacteria but removes them and lowers the risk of spreading.

Disinfecting uses chemicals to kill bacteria. In some instances once these chemicals are applied they need to dwell on the surface to completely work. 

If you read the list of fighting products you will see there is a time (contact time) associated with each product. Call us today to learn more about Citra-Shield Cleaning Products.