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Citra-Shield: COVID-19

The American Chemistry Council recently published an article listing products that are “suitable for use against COVID-19” upon reading this publication we learned that the active ingredient in Citra-Shield is effective as a “fighting product for use against viral pathogens.” At this time our products are not approved for indoor use but can be applied to exterior surfaces. Stadium seating, patio furniture, hand rails, amusement rides, walkways and other exterior surfaces that see a lot of traffic can be treated with Citra-Shield. We are not claiming that our product “kills” the coronavirus, in-fact no product, at this time, can claim to be effective in eliminating COVID-19. However constant treatment of high traffic areas can help fight against the spread of this virus. 

Our labs are still open and working hard to stay ahead of the demand for our cleaning products. Call today to speak with one of our team members on how to apply Citra-Shield to high traffic areas with incredible results.  800-622-1032