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Boat Storage Cleaning Tips: Citra-Shield Marine Product

Boating season is quickly coming to an end in the northern parts of the world and while many are trying to grab every last minute on the water, boat storage and preparation is just around the corner. Preparing your vessel for winter storage can be a labor intensive process which includes cleaning, fuel stabilization, detaching electronics, shrink wrapping and storing. While some have the ability to keep their boats in a closed facility, others find a yard and leave their boat shrink wrapped (or not) in the elements. Regardless of how you store your vessel in the off season, here are a few tips on how to keep mildew, mold and fungus from blossoming on your seat cushions, decks, sails and other marine surfaces. 

Step 1: Clean your boat to your satisfaction and let it air dry prior to covering. Open you hatches and try to get as much moisture out of your boat prior to storage. Places like the bilge will inevitably be damp and likely take some time to dry. Take out any damp life jackets, bumpers and other marine accessories and also let them air dry. 

Step 2: Apply Citra-Shield Marine to your seat cushions, life jackets, bumpers, canvas tops, boat deck, sails and other boat surfaces that are prone to biological growth. After applying Citra-Shield Marine allow treated areas to air dry. It will dry quickly, especially in the sun. 

Step 3: You are ready for storage!! Our revolutionary marine cleaning product will safely prevent mold, mildew and fungus from growing during the off season. 

If you are a Sea Tow member and would like to purchase Citra-Shield Marine Cleaner, you will save an extra 15% on your purchase. Our marine cleaning product comes in quart sizes as well as gallon refills. Citra-Shield Marine is ready to use so there is no dilution needed. Just treat your areas and walk away. Keeping your marine surfaces fee of stain causing bacterias has never been easier.