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Citra UV Shield Sun Shield Technology | Multi-Surface RV Awning, Concrete, and Roof Cleaner2




How To Use

Elevate Your Cleaning with Citra UV Shield: The Ultimate Multi Surface Outdoor Cleaner, RV Awning Cleaner, Concrete Cleaner, Roof Cleaner, Deck Cleaner, Fence Cleaner & More.

In the world of cleaning products, Citra UV Shield stands as a shining example of innovation and efficiency. We understand the challenges of maintaining various surfaces, from RV awnings to outdoor spaces, concrete patios, and roofs. That’s why we’ve developed Citra UV Shield, a versatile and powerful solution designed to simplify your cleaning routine while delivering long-lasting results.

1. Unrivaled Convenience: Citra UV Shield, your go-to RV awning cleaner, outdoor cleaner, concrete cleaner, and roof cleaner, makes cleaning a breeze. Say goodbye to laborious scrubbing and rinsing. With our revolutionary formula, simply spray it on, and you’re done. Let Mother Nature take care of the rest, leaving your surfaces spotless.

2. Long-lasting Protection: Citra UV Shield, the ultimate RV awning cleaner, outdoor cleaner, concrete cleaner, and roof cleaner, offers a unique advantage by ensuring your surfaces remain clean for up to a year after application. Imagine the time and effort you’ll save with fewer cleaning chores on your list.

3. UV Fading Defense: Citra UV Shield isn’t just a cleaner; it’s a protector as well. Our formula provides robust UV fading defense, shielding your surfaces from the harmful effects of the sun. This not only keeps your surfaces clean but also preserves their original beauty for longer.

4. Versatility at Its Best: Citra UV Shield, your all-in-one outdoor cleaner & protector, RV awning cleaner, concrete cleaner, and roof cleaner, eliminates the need for multiple products cluttering your cleaning cabinet. Its versatility ensures you have the right solution for various cleaning tasks.

Citra UV Shield is more than just a cleaner; it’s a game-changer for your cleaning routine. Here’s why it’s the preferred choice for those who demand exceptional results:

Efficiency: Save time and effort with our easy-to-use spray-and-go formula. Citra UV Shield is engineered for maximum cleaning power with minimal effort.

Eco-Friendly: We’re committed to the environment. Citra UV Shield, your environmentally conscious RV awning cleaner, outdoor cleaner, concrete cleaner, and roof cleaner, is safe for both you and the planet.

Lasting Value: By offering long-lasting cleanliness, Citra UV Shield reduces the need for frequent reapplication. You’ll enjoy a cleaner, more vibrant space for up to a year!

Revolutionize the way you clean and protect your valuable surfaces with Citra UV Shield. Experience the future of effortless, long-lasting cleanliness today. Join countless satisfied customers who have made Citra UV Shield their preferred choice for a cleaner and more beautiful environment. Discover the difference Citra UV Shield can make in your cleaning routine.

Make Citra UV Shield your go-to outdoor cleaner, concrete cleaner, roof cleaner, RV awning cleaner and experience the convenience and protection it offers like never before.


Yet Gentle Cleaning

Citra-Shield Outdoor Cleaner effectively removes tough stains caused by mold, mildew, algae, and more without the need for harsh chemicals or abrasive scrubbing. Its biodegradable formula works gently on various surfaces, preserving their integrity over time.

  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Time-Saving Solution
  • Versatile Application

Our clients Reviews

As the building manager of the Madrid Club in Naples, FL, I would like to thank Citra-Shield for the tremendous transformation of our brick pavers, benches and sidewalks. For years we have pressure washed our parking lot pavers, seawall pavers and all our walkways, and sure - it worked, it got the job done. However, within a few weeks the algae and mildew would grow back time and time again. It was a never-ending process. Pressure cleaning only led to more problems with loose pavers after having blasted all the sand out from around them and leaving the need to re-secure and re-level them. Citra-Shield literally took years of age off the look of the parking lot pavers, our seawall walkway, our concrete benches, and our sidewalks without pressure cleaning. I would confidently attach my name to any referral, and highly recommend Citra-Shield for your mold, mildew and algae solutions.

Thank you for introducing your Citra-Shield biological cleaning products to our town sexton and the overseers of our cemeteries. We started applying Citra-Shield to our headstones, monuments and ornate statues in our cemeteries in August of 2019. We were amazed at the results. Our stones have never looked so good. Stones that date back to the 1800’s, look like new! The effortless application has allowed us to treat all of our cemeteries in a months time. We are so happy with the results of Citra-Shield. We love your product and will continue to use your product in the future. I will absolutely recommend Citra-Shield to our peers.

Thank you for all the training and support in our Tri-state market around Philadelphia, New Jersey and Maryland. Your Citra-Shield product has given us an eco-friendly alternative to offer our customer base. I must say we were skeptical at first but given time we are amazed how well you Citra-Shield program works. We now have annual customers on your suggested maintenance program and the properties stay clean all year. Simple, cost effective, saves labor. We at C&J Environmental are happy to endorse your products and look forward to working together in the future."

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