Residential Use

Homeowners and DIY users can view and purchase Citra-Shield Cleaning Products here on our shop page or at local PPG stores. Our ready to use product is available in gallon containers and will cover approximately 300 sq ft. Citra-Shield ready to use products are pre-mixed and are ready to be applied to your exterior surfaces. Simply pour Citra-Shield ready to use into a garden pump sprayer and apply to the affected area. Our ready to use cleaning products are perfect for Homeowners and DIY users looking to clean smaller exterior surfaces around their home or business. Instructions for use, stain variable times and SDS.

Commercial Use

If you are a contractor or commercial/ government facility looking to purchase large quantities of Citra-Shield Cleaning Products please reach out to our staff for bulk pricing and delivery. We offer 55 gallon drums, 5 gallon containers and 275 gallon totes of concentrated product. In addition to cleaning products, we also provide training and support to contractors as well as facilities with their own cleaning staff. Contact us and learn how contractors around the country are building a maintenance program with Citra-Shield Cleaning Products. Instructions for use, stain variable times and SDS.