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"The mold, mildew and fungus is gone from our awnings and the bleachers look new. I highly recommend Citra-Shield."
E. Torroni
Collier Parks & Rec

Citra-Shield Clients and Contractors

Citra-Shied is being used by numerous facilities and home owners around the country with incredible results. Our products are being applied to massive facilities and single residences alike. We are excited to offer an eco-friendly product that reduces water consumption and removes biological growth without the use of harsh chemicals or pressure washing. Our no rinse technology has never been easier to apply. 

Theme Parks

Theme and Water Parks thoughout the World have a common problem ALGAE, MOSS, LICHEN, MILDEW. Citra-Shield is used to keep the exterior attractions, buildings, sidewalks, water slides, awnings,and custom painted surfaces clean and free of algae, moss, lichen, mildew and also used as a preventive to stop the algae, moss, lichen, mildew from coming back. Citra-Shield is the smarter way to keep Theme and Water Parks clean.

Major Orlando based theme parks have been using Citra-Shield Products for the past 10 years with incredible results. These world renowned attractions & facilities choose Citra-Shield to safely and effectively remove biological stains without the use of harsh chemicals. 

Additional Theme & Water Parks

Stadiums & Centers

Convention Centers and Stadiums tend to be icons of cities around the country. These large facilities require constant up-keep and cleaning to maintain the best possible appearance. Citra-Shield is used on several Stadiums and Conventions Centers around the country to clean and prevent algae, moss, mildew and fungus from affecting the exterior surfaces. In doing so Citra-Shield has saved these large facilities thousands of dollars in water savings, labor costs and repairs.

The Orange County Convention Center chose Citra-Shield to clean its 2.1 million square foot facility in Orlando, FL. After trying other products and companies, OCCC relies on Citra-Shield to keep their roofs, sidewalks and siding free of biological growth. 

Additional Stadiums and Convention Centers


Keeping hospitals clean is crucial to patient safety and that cleanliness starts on the exterior of the building. By maintaining the exterior surfaces with Citra-Shield, hospitals are able to prevent biological growth from entering the building via foot traffic. Hospitals around the country are choosing to clean their roofs, sidewalks, awnings and facades with our biodegradable, eco-friendly algae control system. 

NCH Healthcare System has been using Citra-Shield to prevent biological growth on their roofs, stucco siding, parking garages, sidewalks and awnings for over ten years. In doing so Citra-Shield Cleaning Systems has helped saved NCH thousands of dollars in labor, costly repairs and water consumption. Read what environmental services has to say about Citra-Shield.

Additional Hospitals Using Citra-Shield


Commercial and Residential Contractors around the country have added Citra-Shield to their cleaning applications. Window Cleaners, Painters, Roof Cleaning Companies, Janitorial Services, Landscapers, Pool & Spa Companies are all servicing their clients with our biodegradable algae control cleaning products. Contractors are choosing Citra-Shield to avoid significant water consumption, harsh chemicals and high labor cost. In doing so they have created maintenance contracts that result in yearly residual income. If you are interested in adding Citra-Shield to your facility maintenance regime contact us today. 

Additional Contractors & Applicators