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Exterior Applications

Citra-Shield Cleaning Products offer incredible results for commercial and residential facilities alike. Our exterior cleaning products can be easily applied to numerous exterior surfaces. Our biodegradable, eco-friendly cleaning product is non corrosive and does not contain any harsh chemicals or phosphates. Citra-Shield is used and approved by Major Theme Parks, Government Facilities, HOA Associations, Hospitals, Cemeteries, Marinas and Home Owners. Our revolutionary exterior surface cleaner gently removes stains cause by algae, moss, mold, mildew and fungus. These stains are not only degrading your curb appeal they are also damaging to your exterior surfaces.

Citra-Shield eliminates mold, mildew, moss and fungus from the following surfaces.

Stone – Stucco – Vinyl – Wood – Fencing – Composites – Awnings – Roofs – Monuments – Gravestones – Mausoleums – Concrete – Signs – Decks – Patios – Pavers – Docks – Boats – RV’s – Patio Furniture – Metal – Asphalt – Brick – And More..

Remove unwanted stains from monuments, headstones and mausoleums with Citra-Shield.

Extend the life of your roof by removing stains caused by algae, mildew, moss and fungus with Citra-Shield.

Safely clean your exterior facades without harmful chemicals or pressure cleaning. Buy Citra-Shield today.

Give your deck and patio a fresh look! Eco-friendly Citra-Shield works on all deck and patio surfaces.

Keep driveways and sidewalks free of ugly stain causing funguses with biodegradable Citra-Shield.

Awnings & Signs

Enhance the curb appeal of your awnings and signs without pressure cleaning or scrubbing. Use Citra-Shield.

Citra-Shield cleaning products will keep your boat and RV looking like new. Learn more about our amazing product.

Stop labor intensive pressure cleaning and use Citra-Shield to keep your pavers and concrete surfaces clean.

What Clients Say?

“It is without hesitation I write this letter on behalf of Joe Macomber and Citra-Shield. After several failed attempts with other contractors to clean the roofs and domes of our high school. Mr. Macomber came and assured me his company could clean these places. Citra-Shield exceeded all expectations we had of possibly getting these roofs and domes cleaned. The employees were courteous, professional and very efficient. Our School District now has a white dome and roof that we can be proud of. Citra-Shield is a high quality company that produces high quality results.”
Greg Layfield
Gulf County School Board
"Thank you so much for introducing us to your product, Citra-Shield. The ease of application and incredible results are astonishing. We applied Citra-Shield to our Gavestones and Monuments and cannot believe how good they look. Stones from the 1800's look like new!"
Debbie Southiere
Town of Manchester