Roof Cleaner Comparison Chart


FEATURES Oxygen Bleach
(Sodium Percarbonate)  Roof Reviver
(Proprietary Algaecide)
(Sodium Hypochlorite)
Jo Max
Lye(Sodium Hydroxide)
Shingle Shield
Zinc, Zink Sulfate, Copper Sulfate
Non Corrosive
Ionic structure for deeper surface penetration
No sodium/salt to prevent drying out asphalt shingles
Non Caustic to prevent burns, surface damage, landscaping damage and staining
Usually works with one application
Preventative properties to repel re-growth
Safe for pets to walk on after application
No Rinsing required – works with elements
Works with one application with or without rinsing
Requires thorough rinsing to prevent damage
No brushing ever required
Works on roof moss and roof algae