Roof Cleaner Comparison Chart


FEATURES Oxygen Bleach
(Sodium Percarbonate)  Roof Reviver
Citra-Shield BioCide
(Proprietary Algaecide)
(Sodium Hypochlorite)
Jo Max
Lye(Sodium Hydroxide)
Shingle Shield
Zinc, Zink Sulfate, Copper Sulfate
Non Corrosive
Ionic structure for deeper surface penetration
No sodium/salt to prevent drying out asphalt shingles
Non Caustic to prevent burns, surface damage, landscaping damage and staining
Usually works with one application
Preventative properties to repel re-growth
Safe for pets to walk on after application
No Rinsing required – works with elements
Works with one application with or without rinsing
Requires thorough rinsing to prevent damage
No brushing ever required
Works on roof moss and roof algae