Skanska/University of South Florida/Siemens Corporation, ie Fibertight Roofing, contacted Citrashield Cleaning Systems to solve a problem.  The roof of the USF Sundome was extremely overrun and stained with black algae; they had thought untreatable. Since typical membrane roofing breaks down with the utilization of bleach, it is not a viable solution to clean the roof and an alternative solution was sought out.

The current plan was to replace the entire roof of the Sundome.  Citrashield was asked if the roof could be cleaned. Estimated cost to replace the sundome roof was $1.2M +/- $250k.  


Citrashield performed a full treatment of the USF Sundome roof with an initial application industrial strength cleaner. 

The Citrashield application does not require any pressure washing, as the rainfall is all that is needed for final rinsate performance.

The total investment for the Citrashield application was $42,000.  This resulted in a savings of over $1.2M


After subsequent rainfall in approximately 3 weeks the Sundome roof was returned to its original color and reflectivity.

The total USF savings was well over $1.2M, estimated.

Citrashield recommended and implemented a preventative maintenance program to prevent any further black algae buildup.  This is an annual maintenance program instituted for a budget line item of $28,000 per year and the USF Sundome roof continues to maintain its pristine white original color and reflectivity.